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Where are we?
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
1501 Deep Lake Rd.
Antioch IL 60002

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Sunday at 9:00 AM, followed by Bible Studies and Sunday School at 10:30

How can you contact us?
Click here to email the church secretary.
Click here to email Pastor Gruen.
Church phone: 847-395-9400
Pastor Gruen's phone: (home) 847-265-2451
(mobile) 224-433-0076

What do we believe?
We believe in the Trinity, the verbal inspiration of Holy Scripture, the full deity and humanity of Jesus the Christ/Messiah, the sacrificial blood-death of Jesus on the cross, the reception of forgiveness as our personal possession through repentance and faith in Jesus, and the moral standards by which we are to live. We understand other Christian doctrines such as original sin, conversion, Holy Baptism, Holy Communion, and the end times, (which are understood by the various groups of Christians in different ways), from a historic, Biblically-conservative Lutheran perspective.

For further explanation see What We Believe and In the Beginning.

What is our mission?
It is our goal to live as a congregational family of brothers and sisters in Jesus
* by loving, obeying, and honoring our God,
* by loving and helping one another, and
* by sharing His love and truth with all who will listen.

(This mission statement has not been approved by our board of elders and is subject to change; however, it contains the fundamental strategy of our church community.)

Welcome to our site! Here is where you can find all you have ever wanted to know about our church, including our history, our location (see below), our beliefs, and more. You can also find links to Answers in Genesis for information regarding creation theory, to the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod for information regarding what the church body as a whole believes, and to a daily devotion from Lutheran Hour Ministries.

Feeling lonely, down, or frustrated? Looking for a quick boost for your faith? In need of some positive words of love and encouragement? Check out our sermon archive to hear past sermons from Pastor Gruen in their entirety.

Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns, and please stop back often for updated information.

Have a blessed day.