In the Beginning

Do you believe the Bible? Most Christians say, “Of course.” But do you really? The Hebrew wording used in Genesis is very clear. The days are 24 hours long, not centuries or millions of years. Man was created the same day as the animals. Birds and sea creatures were here before man, but only by one day, not millions of years. Scientists who believe in Creation challenge the other scientists to prove their theories. They cannot. They make assumptions, then base their “facts” on these assumptions to make them fit. There are just too many holes in their theories to be believed. Science books change as new discoveries are made. The Bible, has never been proven wrong, and has NEVER changed. It really is the revealed Word of God from the very first verse!

The questions and answers below will help you to understand and explain to others the difference between what is being taught in public schools and what the Bible teaches us. Be informed about the truth, and it will set you free. (Note that clicking the links will open the Answers in Genesis website in a new window.)

Do you know...

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