What We Believe:
We are absolutely convinced that the primary message of the Holy Bible is that our triune God (the Lord Yahweh, the great I AM) loves us with an eternal, selfless, and unconditional love.

He loves us so much that:
• He (God the Father) created each one of us as a unique and precious individual,
• He (God the Son) suffered and died upon the cross to wash away the iniquity of our sins,
• He (God the Holy Spirit) has come to indwell and empower us.

We believe that the universe came into existence through the Word of the Almighty Creator and it continues to exist through His power. The Creator made all human life on the planet Earth with the desire to have a personal relationship with us. However, we humans, in our own free will, chose to rebel against the Creator. We chose to go our own way.

The central message of the Holy Bible is that the Creator loves each and every one of us. He eagerly desires to draw each of us to Himself. Yet He cannot simply ignore sin. That is why God the Son (Jesus) took on flesh, lived a perfect life, suffered and died upon the cross as the payment for our sins, and rose from the dead to be the living Lord. Through faith in Jesus, we receive forgiveness of sin and the sure hope of eternal salvation. Through faith in Jesus and the instruction of the Holy Scripture we also receive the fullest, most liberating lifestyle here on earth. This is the message we wish to share with you.

For a more detailed view of what Lutherans in the Missouri Synod believe, practice, and preach, see the LCMS website.

We know that He loves you, as well. If you come to worship with us and if you decide to join us, we promise that we shall genuinely love you and shall always seek to show you the face of our Beautiful Savior.

To the Lord God Yahweh, who has revealed Himself to us in three persons, be all glory and praise!